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Apartments Near USF

Looking to find an apartment near USF? You came to the right spot. Our team has taken the time to organize a list of all apartments close to the University of South Florida.

ApartmentAddressDistance to USF
The Province10921 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL, 336121.5 Miles
The Retreat2554 E Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33612
1.5 Miles
Malibu Apartments11711 N 50th St, Tampa, FL 336171.6 Miles
On 50 Apartments75005 Excellence Blvd, Tampa, FL 336171.6 Miles
Sunridge Apartments USF12401 N 50th St Tampa, FL 106531.6 Miles
Avalon Heights13508 Avalon Heights Blvd, Tampa, FL 336131.9 Miles
Ashford Place10610 N 30th St, Tampa, FL 336121.9 Miles
IQ Apartments12702 Bruce B Downs Blvd Tampa, FL 33612, USA2 Miles
Venue at North Campus13702 N 42nd St, Tampa, FL 336132.0 Miles
Station 424201 Monticello Gardens Pl, Tampa, FL 336132.1 Miles
4050 Lofts4050 Rocky Cir, Tampa, FL 336132.1 Miles
Lark on 42nd14202 N 42nd St Tampa, FL 33613, USA2.1 Miles
The Ivy3424 Jefferson Commons Dr, Tampa, FL 336132.2 Miles
Campus Palms USF2301 Aberdeen Ct
Tampa, FL 33612, USA
2.5 Miles
Campus Club5651 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 336172.5 Miles
Halo 46 Tampa14500 North 46th Street, Tampa, FL2.5 Miles
42 North14502 Valor Cir, Tampa, FL 336132.5 Miles
College Court5610 Graduate Cir, Tampa, FL 336172.6 Miles
The Social at South Florida2919 Network Pl, Lutz, FL 335592.9 Miles
Reflections Apartments14525 Prism Cir, Tampa, FL 336133.1 Miles
Campus Lodge15115 Livingston Ave, Lutz, FL 335593.6 Miles
Boardwalk at Morris Bridge8800 Boardwalk Trail Dr, Temple Terrace, FL 336373.9 Miles

*Distance is based on approximate distance from the USF Apartment to the USF Student Union.

Looking at apartments near USF is a brand new responsibility and can be very exiting. Now, you will be responsible for cooking your own means, tending to the cleaning of your bathroom, bedroom and other areas of the apartment. You will also not be supervised by a Resident Adviser to make sure that parties are not getting out of hand or that you are following the University rules and regulations.

While living in apartments by USF, you will be learning about how to live on your own. You will also learn how to manage your budget and determine how close you would like to live to campus. Many college students prefer to live in apartments near USF, because it is ideal to staying in touch with the friends they have made during their first few years of school. Don’t you want to remain close enough to stay active with the University and your friends? Of course, and apartments by USF offers you a wide selection of locations around campus.